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Welcome at FLAUTORAMA!

FLAUTORAMA presents a private collection of around 240 historical flutes, which I have acquired over the past years. The aim of this web site is to portray the development of the flute - perhaps the most ancient musical instrument of mankind - by means of real instruments starting from the Renaissance up to the present day. At the core of this web site is the inventory of the instruments. They are described in detail, illustrated with photographs, supplied with information about their makers and partly accompanied by sound samples. The inventory opens up through the list of instruments with brief information about the historical development of the traverso flute, the set-up and structure of the collection, some further articles on the topic and on my biography, as well as a compilation of sound samples.

This web site addresses professionals and amateurs alike. Its content may be used for personal non-commercial purposes, as long as I am mentioned as the author. If feasible, a link to these pages is welcome. I'm grateful for any questions, commentary and indications concerning mistakes or missing facts.

UELI HALDER DIED On 6 January 2021, Ueli Halder died absolutely unexpectedly. As he wished, his collection is coming to Bern on permanent loan to the Klingendes Museum https://www.klingendes-museum-bern.ch/en/. The instruments as well as the website FLAUTORAMA will be maintained in his spirit and will be available to all who are interested.

Contact: info@flautorama.ch

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